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November 26, 2002
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Dream Lights Collab-Part 1 by stotty Dream Lights Collab-Part 1 by stotty
Part One of a collab between *kmdigital and myself, the brief for me was quite wide open, I do the terragen scene and he do the post processing...

"Something more mystical, magical... dreamy. Awesome use of lighting, like if the theme were to be... "Dream Lights" or something. Making use of as many landscape features as possible.. sort of making a utopian dream scene."

I don't know too much about what his work on this will be, but I do know a 3D city type scene, perhaps a tower or something, a little Lord of the Rings type scene perhaps. I can tell you he is a great graphics artist so I am looking forward to the results eagerly, go check him out.

So, here you are Kevin, good luck. :) (Smile)

The working file is just under 6000x4000, other resolutions are available, shout if you want one.
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avkhatri123 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2007
I really like how you did the sun rays :). It looks like there are hardly any clouds in the sky so how did you manage to get the sun rays like that?
avkhatri123 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2007
Dude, i love the textures on this one, it really reminds me of LOTR :D.
avkhatri123 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2007
Cool, this one reminds me of LOTR :)
jujennum Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2006
amazing! +favs
astondo Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2006
So smooth, So beautiful. Quite divine and heavenly as well. Those make it my favorite Terragen wallpaper of all times.

Look how you made my desktop look like, Look at it! - [link] :)

Thank you so much.
metalmask Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2004
very cool picture
siebenzehn Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2003
hehe, funny, I just saw Part Two of this collab in the fav recommendations of *tigaer's and ~hypnotic's "Fluid Gold" , and then I clicked the link to this piece and looked at the title... "what? Nov 27? This didn't show up in my devwatch!" then I realized it was from 2002 :lol: (seems I did not check your gallery completely when I started watching you, I didn't do this when I started, should make that up some time...)
d1st0rt3d Featured By Owner May 16, 2003
Wow. The textures are amazing.
wisdom Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2003   Digital Artist
lush :P (Lick)
fallys Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2003
I still don't understand how you manage to do what? With what godly powers do you obtain to have such talent and HOW DO I OBTAIN IT MYSELF?!
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